Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 10 non-paleo foods.

I have been doing really well with this Paleo diet.

In the book is says that you can get 95% of the results with being 80% compliant. Sounds good to me. Here are my top 10 non-paleo foods.

1. Beer - Sorry, not giving this one up. And a NorCal margarite does not do it for me. The Hellfire Margarita at Tampa Bay Brewing Company is close.

2. Fried Chicken of all kinds: Especially chicken wings. I used to be able to eat 50 in one sitting. This is not so far on the scale, so I have wings once a week. Tampa Bay Brewing Company has a wing special every Tuesday night. (Are you starting to see a pattern).

3. Chicken Parmasean sandwich: Unfortunately, I have to avoid this one. I love sandwiches. Just the chicken, sauce, and cheese will not suffice. Which brings us to...

4. Classic Chicken Sandwich: Simply the best fast food EVER. Now they are on sale BOGO. Now for the bad part, here is the nutritional information.

5. Bagels: With peanut butter, or flavored cream cheese, or even just butter. Unfortunately, there are not high enough on the "Orgasmic Scale" (phrase from my Paleo Guru Charlie @ Xtreme Athletix) to even be considered.

6. Peanuts and Peanut Butter: Still eat them, but more cashews and almonds. Peanuts are much cheaper, but about a factor of 4 to 6.

7. Scones: My favorite thing to have with coffee.

8. Hot Dogs: Used to have one once a week at the Ybor City Saturday Market. Now strictly off limits. If you say "Just don't have them with the bun." you don't know what a hot dog is about.

9. Protein Shakes: Still have one when I don't have access to good animal protein, but it is not ideal.

10. Protein Bars: These are pretty much a waste of money. They are usually made from the cheapest protein available. Good Eats did a good episode about the kind of protein in them.

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