Friday, December 31, 2010

Lazy article.....Top 15 things I have notice about Kerala, India...

I am going to take a page out of Rick Reilly's book, and just be a lazy writer. As many of you know, I have been in India since Christmas, and here are some things that I have noticed, in five minutes or less:

* We have driven around here a lot, and I have only seen 1 commercial gym.

* There are less 300lb people here. I am not talking about the actual weight as much as there are less people who seem to have said "fuck it" as far as their health goes.

* That being said, there are less really buff people here as well. Almost like a State of Mediocre.

* These people here eat sugar and rice like they are in a contract year. Their tea tastes like candy. And they eat all the time. They find excuses to eat.

* Driving in India is crazy. This could be a blog post in and of itself. I don't even like walking around the streets. If you like personal space, you won't have it here.

* Women spend a lot of money on jewelry here.

* Women's saris can be pretty ornate, they are like a status symbol.

* The exchange rate is really attractive here. About 45 rupees to 1 USD. Here are the cost of some item. Junk food is really cheap. Almonds are really expensive. Gold is very expensive. Electronics are expensive. Clothing is really cheap. Cable TV and BB Internet and ridiculously cheap.

* Working out without equipment is really interesting. Looking forward to my weight in when I get home.

* I haven't had good quail ever till I came on this trip. Here is how you do it: Fry it crispy.

* Forgot my fish capsules, eating a lot of fish.

* There seems to be no breakfast food. All meals look about the same.

* There are no diet sodas in India. Even though it is not Paleo, the first thing I am getting when I get back is a Diet Coke.

* Not as many cows running around as I remember.

* The kids nowadays learn English early. What does that mean. Probably more outsourcing. Earlier English skills combined with Satellite TV means any barriers to outsourcing are much less.

* There are 20 Million Indians that live in other countries. What they do is go to other countries where they can make more money like the UAE, Saudia Arabia, US, and the UK and send some money back to India. Big influx of cash and India is thriving.

* Indians are eating a lot less rice. My dad's family were big rice farmers and they are making less of it.

* They are, however, driving more cars, scooters, motorcycles, and trucks. More rubber. My dad's family is making more rubber. The real stuff from trees. Good thing, if you have a flat tire on a Kerala road, you can probably kiss your ass goodbye.

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