Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Cup Quarterfinals Blurbs

Ghana vs. Uruguay (Uruguay wins on PKs):
Simply, what a game. Very well played by both teams. Usually a games that is 1-1 AET does not have a lot of attacking soccer, but this one did. There were two long goals, but generally the defenses were up to the task. A very enjoyable game.

Now to get to the point: At the very end of extra time, Ghana is furiously attacking the Uruguayan net. In one last flurry, a free kick is skip headed just past the goalie and onto the head of another Ghanian attacker. Uruguay's Suarez pinches in behind the goalie (who is out of position) and intentionally handled a sure goal by Ghana. If the ball goes in Ghana wins. Suarez handled the ball, the penalty kick is awarded (correctly) and Suarez is given a straight Red Card (correctly - DOGSO, denying of an obvious goal scoring opportunity), and the game is continued to allow for the taking of the penalty kick. Ghana misses the penalty kick, and Uruguay goes on to win the penalty kicks.

Now the question is did the Suarez do anything unethical. My opinion is NO. Was it illegal? YES. Would I do the same thing? An emphatic "FUCK YES"! But tactically it was the right decision, and he will suffer the consequences and miss the semifinal against Holland.

I ask you all? Do you think Suarez deserves a stiffer penalty? Explain in comments.

Brazil vs. Holland (1-2):

This game sucked. I am only giving this bullet points:
* Holland's dives were disgraceful. Killed this game for me.
* Holland first goal was due to goalkeeper failure to communicate. If you call for a ball, you get the ball, even if you have to go through the other team, your own team, the referee, your Mom and Dad, and President Obama.
* Wesley Sneijder of Holland is a beast. Controlled the game, especially at the offensive end.

Germany vs. Argentina (4-0):
* Argentina not strong enough defending.
* Mertesacker and Friedrich did a great job in central defense.
==> Nothing much more deserves to be said about this stinker.

Spain vs. Paraguay (1-0):
* Great game to watch
* Even though Spain had a 3:1 edge in possession, both team created numerous chances.
* Paraguay should have gotten the red on there foul, but since the player from Spain stopped to shield the Red was not given.
* I thought after Spain's PK that the Paraguayan keeper got the ball before Cesc's feet.
* You have to be consistent with encroachment. Looks like they missed it during Paraguay's PK miss (I missed it too).
* Paraguay gets a bum rap as a boring team. Just because they don't attack without discipline does not mean they are boring. They were able to create chances with less possession, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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Ervin said...

Hey there! The Spain/Paraguay match is really 1-0.

As the underdog, Paraguay performed really well. I was expecting Paraguay to beat Spain the way the match was going, or at least go into PKs. On the other hand, i feel Spain under-performed. They had the ball but they weren't coordinated enough to do much until Fabregas came on.