Thursday, February 11, 2010

Work Capacity Challenge....

As in a previous post, Jack Reape has posed the following open challenge to you hard core workout fanatics. The challenge is this simple:

How many 315lb deadlifts can you do in 30 minutes?

Give it a try and post your results to comments.

I have 3 results so far:
FSE: 154
Client 1: ~83
Client 2: ~55

While this was a simple challenge, I really learned a lot from it:
1) Even if your max deadlift is conventional rather than sumo, you will be better of doing this challenge sumo style. The reason is that this is a max volume challenge, and not a max effort challenge. Sumo spreads the load over more muscles.

2) A simple challenge like this will help you find the optimal groove at a suboptimal weight.

3) If you use your lower back for the deadlift, you will get instead feedback.

4) If you have a problem with "slack in the arms" in the deadlift, this will give you a lot of practice to get that down. "Slack" means that you start the pull, but your arm joints, have slack in the. This means that you are disconnected from the bar and you have an energy leakage.

5) This will also reinforce more hip action rather than lower back action.

6) You will absolutely sweat buckets doing this. After your metabolism (i.e., heart rate) is jacked for at least the next four hours, you will realize the effect that "max volume" workouts have on metabolism.

7) If you spent more time on a Bosu ball than with a barbell in your hand, you will run from this challenge anyway.

I have some modifications for this programs:
1) If your max deadlift is under 405lbs, you will drop down to 275lb.
2) If your max deadlift is under 315lbs, you have absolutely no business doing a challenge like this. Learn how to deadlift. Putting volume before technique is a recipe for disaster.
3) If you are female, and your max is over 225lb, you will use 135lb. If not, don't do this challenge at all.
4) People have asked about straps. My only advise here is "if you are using straps, it is not a deadlift". Plus, it will slow you down because you will need to reset your hands. Bring a towel to wipe off the bar -- you will sweat buckets.

Post name (or nickname), height, weight, city, barbell weight, and count in comments.

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