Friday, February 12, 2010

USF Kettlebell Club rocks

We decided to have some fun after our session and put it on video. The guys and gals are really coming along. We got some fun stuff on here:
* Pinky Press (not quite the DW pinky press, but the pinky was the only one around the bell), FSE, 32kg x 5
* Waiters Press, PB and LH, 32kg
* Bottoms up get up, JW, 16kg
* Stacked Presses, FSE, 40kg x 4
* Swings

Videos to follow.

The guys are coming along fantastic. The guys and girls who are committed are getting fantastic results and having a good time.

The club meets Tue, Thu, and Sun, and I am there on Sun and most Tues.

Because of the success and fun of these classes, I am upping my personal training rate and adding more group classes.

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