Monday, February 15, 2010

Had to fire another client today....

...want to avoid getting fired: SHOW UP! I have looked at the people that I have fired this year, and it all had to do with showing up. If you show up, you get results.

I am getting some great rewarding training done with a number of my new clients. It is really an exciting time right now. I am going to be starting classes in another (third) setting real soon.

Also, I will be starting a new full time job real soon. Due to limited availability and a full schedule, I am going to have to raise my rates across the board.

Everyone is on a short leash. I have guys doing leverage presses and get ups and passing the RKC snatch test with ease. I have women flipping tires and snatching. Everybody is improving strength, body comp, and conditioning. The training works, if you do it.

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