Wednesday, January 6, 2010

USF Kettlebell Club

Had 5 people at the USF Kettlebell Club. Program was light presses, front squats, copious swings, farmers walks.

ST (female) got her first snatches. Before anyone learns how to snatch, their swing form has to be very solid.

If you are in the USF area and you are interested in kettlebells, contact me at faizalenu(at) to get started.

Here is a review from the DragonDoor forum from Josh, a member who used to wrestle for USF and still wrestles:

Words can't even begin to describe the success that my workout has reached through the instruction of Faizal. This man i very willing to work with any situation that you have and to help you get through it. he teaches things in a way that anyone can understand, and stresses key points which make any and every workout more successful.I've had several injuries that I've accumulated over the years through collegiate wrestling, and working with Faizal has enabled me to really regain the strength and the conditioning that I once had. Faizal is the best fitness trainer I've ever worked with, and his emphasis on kettlebells really causes me to WANT to workout. I would HIGHLY recommend this man.

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