Monday, December 7, 2009

BCS Update...

What a great weekend of college football. Good thing that we have the BCS, because if we didn't, the results of Bama-UF, Cinc-Pitt, and UT-Neb would not have meant as much.

The five BCS bowls are:
* Bama-UT
* TCU-Boise St.
* Cinc-UF
* Ohio State-Oregon
* Ga. Tech-Iowa

I think that these are the right teams. TCU has wins of 3 ranked teams this year, and Boise beat Pac-10 champion Oregon, so neither team has anything to prove. THEY belong in the top 10. I also think that besides the national championship game, it is the most intriguing matchup.

I was right in my previous blog post about Cincinnati winning and passing TCU.

My picks:
Boise St.
Ga. Tech
==> That being said, I would not surprised if I only got one right.

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