Friday, September 12, 2008

TSC Snatch Test PR (sort of): 137 (w/video)

Another snatch PR! I have a friend that is doing the TSC tomorrow, and I wanted to "give him a number."

24kg 5 minute snatch test PR:
* Old PR: 130 (right before the last TSC)
* New PR: 137
==> After further review, many of the reps were not locked out. I believe many on the right hand were due to tendonitis in my bowling elbow. Even thought it is not a PR, it was a great learning experience and fun to put out there.

Just in case you were wondering:
Time Progressions:
1:00 - 35 (35)
2:00 - 64 (29)
3:00 - 90 (26)
4:00 - 114 (24)
5:00 - 137 (23)

Also, at the midpoint I got to 78 reps
78/59 - 127 (or 56.9%/43.1%)
==> I don't know if that means I paced myself well or not. From looking at the video, I would say NO.


Things that I did well:
* I made it the 5 minutes w/out putting the bell down.
* Effective use of chalk and talc, even though I did tear a dime size piece of skin from under my right middle finger. Not sure if this is a casualty of friendly competition or "it's your fault".
* Started with a dead snatch to start.
* Did not count reps.
* Breathing was pretty good -- could have been better.

What I did not do well.
* Technique got away from me. Hips were dead (could be from being in an airplane two out of the last three days)
* Too fast too early. I felt real slow later.
* Could not do hand switch at bottom. Kept missing it -- this cost me 140.

I was disappointed that I did not get 140, but given that I don't have a lot of quality training recently, I KNOW that SSST/230 RKC-32kg/64 is going down at the end of the month.

I had a business trip this week -- diet and training were subpar to say the least. I still feel bloated.

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