Friday, May 9, 2008

Random crap....

American Idol:
Is there anyone else who thinks that Jason Gaurini, I mean Jason Castro, sucked really bad. While I give anyone credit who simply stays up there - he sang in only one note. This is shaping up to be the worst ever Idol. If David Archuleta wins, I will be really upset. He is really lame in their variety show acts, and that is my favorite part of American Idol. Syesha is my favorite (and will be a mainstay on Broadway when it is all said and done), but I know she will not win.

Hell's Kitchen:
Matt has to go. What a whiny bitch. After he goes - the other eight have shown they can cook. that is where the real competition begins. Those will also the the 8 that cook in the final. Matt will go first, then.....Roseann. But since the women seem to be so much better cooks than the men, it will not be a men's vs. women's finale. I think the final will be: Jen vs. Petrozza!

Bowled like garbage this week: 219-194-188--601 and 174-156-248--578. At least I made spares and kept a good attitude.

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I see you've got a blog already. Cool