Monday, May 2, 2011

Core/Joint Mobility Kettlebell Workshop at Xtreme Athletix

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Core strength, in terms both of mobility and stability, it is the cornerstone of athleticism. Learn how to use kettlebells to improve your core strength. If your idea or abdominal training is endless crunches, you NEED this workshop. A BOSU ball -- You are not serious, are you?
The foundation exercises taught in this workshop include:
* The Turkish Get Up (or TGU)
* The Renegade Row (learn how to stabilize your core under movement)
* Russian Twists (to hit all of the rotators in the abs)
* One handed farmers walks and deadlifts (to stabilize under uneven loads)
* Figure Eights

Learn not only how to do these exercises, but how to integrate them into your training program.

If you want to train your core the way athletes do, this workshop is where it's at.

Prerequisites: None, open to all fitness levels and abilities.

Registration will be closed 24 hours before date of workshop.

Space is limited to first 10 people.

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