Saturday, August 30, 2008

New PRs

I got in a full week (M-F) of training this week. Set a number of new PRs on Friday:
* RKC Snatch Test/32kg: 25L/25R (old 20L/20R)
* 40kg Snatch: 5L (old 4L)
* 40kg Snatch: 10R (old 9L)

I have set a number of new PRs, but I am looking to lose some weight. Will be focusing on ToM swings and high-octane cardio this week.

Bowling practice was better this week. Need to work on freeing the armswing and working the inside of the bowling ball.

Restaurant news:
* Went to Sidebern's - their new menu sucks. Seems like they are working to hard. They have the best ingredients, just keep it simple.
* Try the crab dip at Tampa Bay Brewing company
* SunniBunny frozen yogurt is superior to CaliYogurt


Franz Snideman said...

40kg Snatch: 5L (old 4L)
* 40kg Snatch: 10R (old 9L)

Nice job with the 40kg.

Looks like you're getting stronger!!!

fawn said...

Did you get your gf PttP? How did she like it?

Faizal S. Enu said...


I actually got her a bowling ball -- Psycho Raw HAMMER.

Aaron Friday said...

Awesome PRs, Faizal. I like how you tacked the 40kg PR onto the 32kg PR in the same day. Just seems like the right thing to do when you're feeling up to it.

Man, bowling has gotten aggressive since my bowling league at age 10. "Psycho Raw HAMMER!" Holy crap, that's scary. My ball was just a ball.

Faizal S. Enu said...

Aaron: Bowling is a different game today. Back in your day, it was about precision, the balls were just not that powerful.

Today, equipment is a much bigger part of the game. You need multiple bowling balls (about 6 in a high level tournament) to adjust to changing lane condition. What is also important is matching up the right ball to the right lane conditions.

This is her first high-level ball, I hope she likes it.