Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Detox Results -- Day 23....only one week left.

Here are the results as of Day 23 of my detox:

* At day 20, weight was down 10.5 lbs (167.5lb). I am not trying to lose weight. Weight loss has slowed down as expected. Definitely looking a lot leaner, especially in the upper body. I can also see the pes anserousI do feel like I am eating a lot. I probably weigh a little more since Saturday's weigh in, but I expect to be at 166 lbs in one week.

* Cravings are virtually non-existent. Just never feel hungry, except maybe post workout.

* Have not had a Diet Soda in 23 days, and I used to drink as many as 4-8 per day. I don't even crave it (no one even has withdrawal from aspartame). That right there is big monetary savings. Also, it is acidic (about 1/10th as much as acid rain), and the body runs best in a slightly alkaline environment. Another thing about diet soda, since it is carbonated it affects the Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide balance in your body.

* My energy is way up, but not in a strung out, coke-head kind of way. More like a quiet focus.

* I haven't had any processed meats of any kind. Any meat that I did have, I made, with the exception of going to Tun-Du-Ree for curry. Big savings. Also, I have used what I saved on diet sodas to get better cuts of meat.

* The detox that I am doing supports heavy lifting. I have maintained my schedule schedule of:
- Double kettlebell lifting (snatches, clean and jerks, presses, squats, etc.),
- Barbell lifting (good mornings, box squats, Dimel deadlifts, olympic cleans, olympic snatches)
- Turkish Get Ups (32kg & 40kg)
- Max VO2 snatches (20kg x 8 x 25-40 minutes)
==> If the detox does not support heavy lifting, high tension exercises, or high power output, you know it can be doing good for the body.

* Sleeping great. I am tired when I am supposed to be tired and awake when I am supposed to be awake. When I am asleep, I stay asleep.

* I feel light on my feet. During one of the boot camp classes, I set a volume and intensity records for double under rope skipping. I am still not great at it, but definitely improving.

* Have I been perfect on this detox. No, because I don't think "I'm on a detox and I have to avoid this, this, and this." I am eating real food. I am doing very good. Definitely better than doing 80% to get 95% of the results. This detox much easier to stick to than most diets. Now that being said, if you are not serious, you won't stick to it, but that is on you.

* I do supplement with protein, fiber, and Omega-3s, but I always have supplemented with them.

* I am really excited about the results. A 12lb weight loss (projected) in one month while setting PRs is extraordinary and definitely beyond my expectations. I would recommend this program to anyone for the following reasons:
- The logic behind it makes sense.
- It is based on real foods.
- It supports strenuous exercise.
- It fits into working lifestyles.
- If, and this is a big one, effective addresses the reasons that people don't stick to most programs.

==> Let me address this last point real quick. A lot of programs work, but they are so impossible to follow that no one actually finishes them. A lot of programs that are on TV talk about results, but how many people DO YOU KNOW have actually made it all the way through. Typically the number is zero, one, or two. Or people go, "I did this program, and it was great." My next response is usually something like "What happened?" The typical answer is like "I couldn't afford to continue." or "I got hurt!" or "I couldn't stick with it." If it is not sustainable, what is the point of doing it. If feel like I could continue this program for a long time, there is no reason not to.

Again, the results of this are exceptional, and it is a very robust program that is applicable in any lifestyle.

As always, if you have any questions, contact me ( directly.

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