Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some workouts that I have done....

As many of you know, I have been travelling in the UAE and India since 12/23. I have had no fitness equipment available in that time.

Here are some of the workouts that I have done.
* 10-9-8..-2-1 Burpees and Situps for time. (PER rating: 6)

* 5 sets of (20 squats/20 pushups). (PER rating: 5)

* Suitcase Jerks, these were actually jerks done with my 45+ lb suitcase, 20-35 reps/set) (PER rating: 3, but I like the movement for the shoulders)

==> You see luggage, I see added resistance for jerks, TGUs, squats, and cleans.

* TGUs with my backpack (PER rating: 3, but they did open up the shoulders). Don't be afraid to be creative.

==> You see a snorkel. I see $1 altitude training.

* 10 x 20 Pushups and Lunges (PER rating: 6)

* 10 x 7 Pullup hanging off of the stairwell, 1 minute rest between sets (PER rating: 7, there were much harder than regular pullups because my fingers could not get around the bar. Also, the surface was marble-like, stiff and slippery).

==> You see a stairwell, I see a pullup bar!

* 10 squats, 10 pushup, 10 situps for 10 rounds (PER rating: 7)

* 25 snatch balances each arm (PER rating: 6)

* 10 x 10 suitcase squats, 5 x 5 box pistols, 5 x 20 suitcase jerks, 10 x 5 dragon walks (PER rating: 8, really tried to pick up the pace. And the dragon walks really open up the IT band and hips abductors).

* Three mile walks (PER rating: 2, cake but I didn't want to die while running on the streets.)

* Yoga poses: Samson, Pigeon, Buddha, Happy Baby, Downward Dog (PER rating 9: I suck at these, but they help with posture and squat depth.)

In retrospect I wish I did more sprinting and jumping. Oh well. My diet was good over this holiday, not great.

Will be home in 2 days. See everyone on Thursday.

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