Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back on the RTK wagon....

Hey everyone, I am back on the RTK bandwagon. For all those who are considering it, here are some helpful tips:
* If you are going to go in this direction, a "I don't want to gain any weight" attitude is not right for this program. Do something else that will better get you to those goals.

* Respect the systemic overload in this program. If you have other intense stuff you have to do, this program is not for you. If that is your decision, you won't hurt Pavel's feeling, I'm sure.

* Learn how to Jerk correctly.
1) On your cleans, get your hands through the bell. Grip the inside part of the hand, and drive the hands through on the clean.

2) Laterally rotate the shoulders in the rack. The actual Jerk will be more like a barbell and easier on the shoulders (thanks Matt S.)

3) Drop the hips fast, it is not a push press. Try to dip to a catch. Practice feeling the catch with light weight.

4) Get the hands back and head through (eyes facing down on horizon). If you miss on either of these, you will have a hard time locking out. If the hand go straight up, , your front delts take too much of the load. If you look up, the lower back does.

* After the top of your ladder, try to go right into the beginning of the next, even if you are tired. This will compress the workload.

* Some people on the forums seem to be TOO concerned with compressing the workout and use too light a weight. Don't do that.

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