Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Short workouts....

I have been doing "two a days" for few weeks now. I typically do a "body builder" split type of workout in the morning, and a KB workout in the evening/late afternoon.

This week, I have been really busy with clients and other obligations in the evening, and sometimes I only had a half hour to work out. Here were some of my workouts:

* 12 minutes of TGU (7:00 with the 24kg and 5 with the 32kg) and Tabata swings (32kg x 8 x :20 work/:10 rest)
* Double KB Long Cycle Clean and Jerks: 24kg x 5 x 10
* KB snatches: 24kg x 30L/30R/20L/20R in 3:16

If you have KBs, you have no excuse for not getting a workout in.

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