Thursday, June 11, 2009

PBA Experience League/Bells/New Clients

Lots of new stuff going on:

1) Adding new clients almost daily. Most of them are on a referral basis (i.e., they came to me). My strategy of seeing as many people as possible early on has paid off.

2) I joined a PBA Experience league. After two weeks, I am averaging 189. Today I started out really bad (I have a 71 in the seventh frame with 6 opens). I close with 226 and 221 games for a 584. I made the following adjustment to my game because my timing has been the shits for the last 20 weeks.
a) Try to lead with the ring finger (I had been coming around the ball early)
b) Lower pushaway (I have short legs, and if you get to the line to fast, the ball is still moving backwards when you get there and timing is off).
c) Slow feet down, so I can stay down and rooted.

I would love to average 200 in this league -- I will need to put some big weeks together. Also, bowling feels like a sport when "3 boards of area) does not mean "first arrow, second arrow, and third arrow". Also, there is no handicap so the better bowler (or team) wins. Also, I like the fact that there are individual and team matches. Makes it a lot more interesting.

3) Continuing to set new records daily in Dance Dance Revolution. The songs are starting to feel slower. Songs that seemed impossible just 3 weeks ago are now As and Bs on Expert. Here are some other observations:
* While not a complete FMS, DDR makes you move in a lot of different directions. Really opens up the hips.
* My calves are getting ridiculously vascular.
* I see DDR is being packaged as a "Youth Fitness Bundle". Given my success with it, every Boys/Girls club, community center, and day care should have DDR in their facility. It is fun, safe, and functional. ]

4) My training. Right shoulder is getting better. Here are some highlights:
* TGU with Beast with both hands
* Started doing chair snatches. Did 12L/12R with the 32kg this afternoon.
* Probably going to bail on the TSC this year.
* Weight is down to 189. Plan to get to 176 by the end of August.
* My clothes absolutely do not fit anymore. I can take off my jeans w/o unbuttoning them.

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