Monday, March 9, 2009

Haven't posted in a while....

I have been really busy and have added a bunch of clients to both my gym and private personal training businesses.

The bad: I separated my shoulder about 2 weeks ago. It felt a little weak doing some light bench presses, but the actual separation occurred while bowling the same night. Oh well, kettlebell work will be limited to swings and light get ups to start. I am still able to bowl, even though I have lost some velocity. Motions that I have problems with: shoulder abduction, flexion, and lateral rotation.

The good: As I said before, I am adding new clients every day. I am getting a lot better at selling myself and I have increased my credibility on the gym floor. Too bad I can't use kettlebells in my gym. Before hurting my shoulder I was able to do TGUs with an 80lb dumbell.

I was doing box squats with 245lb the other day (light weight, but not too light), and a really muscular looking guy said "it hurts me just watching you." The way he said it was like "there is no way I can do that." The some mullet doing one-eighth pullups (that is a pullup going from arms at 90 to arms at about 60) with neoprene wraps on his elbows and Zubaz pants was explaining to me that:
* He had a NASM certification (which is not a bad certification)
* That Franco Columbu used to outlift Arnold
* That you don't have to go to parallel to maximize hypertrophy
* That I was going to injure my back

I retorted with the bodybuilding:
* I really don't care about bodybuilding. The only time you see it on TV is when it is on ESPN Classic and they are making fun of it.
* I am an athlete, and if I trained for hypertrophy at the expense of strength I would get slower.
* Box Squats have help my speed in the past.
* Incomplete range of motion training will lead to more injury that squatting on a box.

The was the same 90's reject that wrapped his kneed to do leg presses with 7 plates.

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