Saturday, June 21, 2008


Man -- it poured like heck today.

Had to buy some khaki's for my upcoming PBA tournaments.

Went to see Get Smart. While a lot of people might like it, I thought it sucked. It was like watching Naked Gun, without being funny or having a plot.

Had some great falafel at Sula's cafe in Ybor City.

I see La Casa Dolce is shut down. I guess "La Casa Dolce" means "The doors are closed" in Italian.

Went to Gameworks today, and they had the coolest interactive fishing game. Also, there were two guys that played Dance, Dance Revolution like it was a sport - impressive to watch.


Aaron Friday said...

Steve Carrell is not funny. That's the biggest secret in Hollywood.

Thanks for the tip. I won't be getting this movie.

Aaron Friday said...

The biggest secret in Hollywood is this ~ Steve Carrell is not funny. Thanks for the tip; I won't be getting this movie.

Franz Snideman said...

Cool, professional bowler. Right on!
Awesome to see you progressing with the kettlebells!